Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET)

Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET’s) provide a complete and versatile aircraft cabin simulation for emergency and safety training. CEET features typically include:

  • High fidelity, fully functional entry doors and overwing exits
  • Escape slides, simulated or functional training slide
  • High fidelity simulated cabin with accurate dimensions
  • Interior monument configuration based on customer’s desires
  • Flight Attendant stations
  • Functional PSU oxygen mask drop
  • Fire and smoke simulations
  • Galley/lavatory simulations, with fire/smoke simulations
  • Visual simulations
  • Positioning systems
  • Intuitive, instructor-friendly operating systems

All CEET’s include full operation and maintenance documentation, as well as product support from our highly skilled staff.

Newton Design is thrilled to be partnered with American Airlines, providing Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers as part of their cabin safety training equipment upgrade effort.  Watch the video below to learn more:

FAA FlexSim

Newton Design is honored to have been selected by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop the FlexSim, a one-of-a-kind cabin safety research simulator that is very similar to a CEET, except for the mission. The FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) is constantly researching aircraft cabin safety in an effort to improve designs, procedures, and to increase occupant safety.  To assist the CAMI team in their mission, Newton Design developed this unique cabin simulator.  The FlexSim is capable of simulating multiple fuselage widths and cabin configurations, providing the FAA with remarkable mission flexibility in one simulator.  The FlexSim is mounted on a custom designed and manufactured positioning system, allowing the CAMI team to study the effect of abnormal landing conditions (collapsed landing gear, etc.) on passenger evacuations.  The FlexSim features visual simulation, wing root sections with working flaps, and functional escape slides. Newton Design is very proud to be a part of the FAA’s ongoing mission to improve air transportation safety.

A320 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer
A320 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer
A320 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer
FAA FlexSim
FAA FlexSim



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