Components and Refurbishing

Newton Design has a great deal of experience with simulator and training device refurbishment.  The refurbishment process can range from reconditioning of individual simulator components, such as cockpit seats, to a comprehensive simulator overhaul.  The refurbishment process can include:

  • Replacement of worn mechanical or structural components
  • Software updates
  • Repair of any cosmetic damage or wear
  • Re-finishing of painted or coated surfaces

Although we excel at complete simulator design and manufacturing, Newton Design can also meet the needs of customers requiring individual simulator components or equipment.  Some examples of past performance include:

  • Galley modules with and without smoke simulation
  • Lavatory modules with and without smoke simulation
  • Mock ejection seats
  • Cockpit modules
  • Instrument panels and cockpit controls

Newton Design has an experienced team capable of solving almost any design issue.  Our ability to create innovative solutions and utilize alternative data sources when necessary has been critical to our success on larger efforts.



Components and Refurbishing
A-10 Ejection Seat Simulator
Helicopter Instrument Console Components and Refurbishing



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