FAA FlexSim

Photos showing the unique capabilities of the FAA’s cabin safety research simulator, designed and built exclusively by Newton Design.


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Military Aircraft Cockpits

Transport Medical Trainer Laboratory (TMTL)


Newton Design modified this existing “Humvee” extraction trainer, providing enhanced lift/rotate and crewmember extraction capabilities. Additionally, Newton significantly enhanced the training capabilities of the V-XTRACT by designing¬†and installing a front suspension, steering, braking, and towing system, which were not part of the original design. The V-XTRACT is now capable of being towed by another vehicle as if in a convoy. When commanded by a remotely operated instructor control device, the V-XTRACT is released from the tow vehicle. Then, the V-XTRACT automatically comes to a full stop using the Newton braking system. Once on-board sensors detect that the vehicle is fully stopped and other safety parameters are satisfied, the V-XTRACT begins its lift/rotate action, smoke generation, and scent generation as dictated by the instructor’s pre-programmed scenario. These capabilities provide safe and highly-realistic training for extraction of trapped HUMVEE crewmembers.


Transportation Security

Fighting Platform

This highly durable, low-fidelity aircraft cabin mockup provides transportation security officers with a safe and realistic training venue for force-on-force training. It allows training of physical techniques within the uniquely-constrained environment of an aircraft passenger cabin.

Single-Deck Widebody Aircraft Cabin Simulator

Two-Deck Widebody Aircraft Cabin Simulator



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