Industrial Automation

In addition to simulation and training system customers, Newton Design also serves customers in the manufacturing and industrial sector.  The nature of our core business requires the ability to excel at “one off” design and production. This capability is well suited to other types of unique design/build projects, specifically the design and manufacture of specialty industrial machines.  Our electrical and mechanical design capabilities along with our experience with complex hydraulic and pneumatic systems make us ideally qualified for Industrial Automation projects, large or small.

This automated steel sheet stacker/conveyor was designed, manufactured, and installed by Newton Design. The installation required integration of the equipment designed by our company with the existing steel shearing machine.

Our low overhead and streamlined corporate structure provides the customer with competitive pricing and rapid personal responses to any design/production obstacles.  This allows the customer to efficiently increase production, meet critical manufacturing schedules, and increase profitability.

The machines produced by Newton Design perform unique functions specific to the manufacturing processes used by our customers.  Integration with existing customer equipment and facilities is often a primary requirement for projects of this type.  Although the end product is very different from a simulator or aviation training device, the design/build process is very similar.  As with our simulation and training equipment, we work closely with the customer to determine their exact requirements, ensuring that the product we manufacture meets or exceeds expectations.

Industrial Automation Steel Stacker
Industrial Automation Steel Stacker



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